Weasels of Massachusetts

Becoming a Member

We are not a motorcycle club or M/C or trying to present ourselves as one!

we are a social organization (drinking club)

You can't be too old to get drunk!

Who Can Join?

Anybody -Unless you're an asshole, cry baby, know it all, or we just don't like you.

Benefits of Joining

You get to wear lots of orange, ride with us, drink with us, get no respect, like the rest of us, drink with us.
You can also drink with us!!!

How Can You Join?

Find us and buy us beer, or email us, meet us and buy us beer, hang out with us, let us get to know you, buy us more beer.
If we have known you for years and want in you get in quick, if we don't know you, come buy us a beer, introduce yourself, then ya got to hang around with us for a little while - We are a Social Group, so if ya don't socialize with us ya ain't a Weasel, and ya NEVER will be.
All original Western MA Weasels have been friends, or close friends of Friends for over 30 years.
Once you are accepted and become a Weasel the rule is now - "Participate or Evaporate" - Nuff Said, I need a drink!!!


Legal Disclaimer
The name Weasels USA and the logo is a registered trademark. The use of the name, logo or any combination thereof without written authorization is prohibited in the states of Nevada, California, Oregon, Montana, Tennessee, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Colorado and Wisconsin. Wyoming and Rhode Island are pending.

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