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Jayson - aka "Shrek"

Jayson - aka "Shrek" is the 16 year old son of St Louis Weasels Unk & the Godess Chas. With 100 miles of street riding under his belt he rode to Sturgis 09 on his 650 Vulcan, with his parents & a group of old Weasels. He proved that he came from some real good stock.
Here is his letter to the grandparents when he got home:
Dear Gramma and grampa,

Mom and Dad took me on vacation with them and I had fun. They took me site seeing in the black hills of south dakota with thier friends. They were nice people who were very saftey minded, they wore orange all the time soo the other drivers could see us. They also fed me very well, I had homemade apple pie that the nice guy from tenn brought to share and the other fella from tenn had black licorice flavored coolaid !! I got board so the guy with the apple pie had some dolls for me to play with and let me keep them for show and tell at school next week. Dad must have known every policeman there cause they kept stopping him everytime they saw him and talked for awhile, kept givin him pieces of paper, i guess with thier phone numbers on it. Another one of the guys had like 18 beers and let me ride his bike in downtown Rapid City...I guess he figured I'd be ok cause I had an orange shirt on. We stayed in a nice hotel that had all night security provided by Indians who seemed to be very concerned about coins cause they kept asking if we had any. Mount Rushmore was cool but dad wouldnt pay the money to get in so we viewd it from the road. I know you were concerned about me going but all i can say is get over it bitch and show me your tits !!!

With much respect,


Oily - Rocky Mountain Weasels
A New Low in Weaseldom

A new low was seared onto the pages of Weasel history today--- our own (we're so proud) peerless, fearless (and apparently tasteless) leader of the Rocky Mountain Weasels, the Old Wise One, OILY, stickered the withered tit of an 86-year old grandmother. And to top it off...(get this)... granny couldn't even make a run for it because she was on an a walker.


To be fair, Doc got the old sack race started by delicately and respectfully placing a sticker on the ol' bat's UPPER CHEST area...sorta where her titties might have been at one time...like maybe 60 freaking years ago!!! But Oily wasn't content with that. Nope. Feeling more than his fair share of wild oats (or maybe oatmeal?) he closed in on the feeble old broad even before her slight blush from Doc's tender attention had a chance to fade.




Granted the old dame's "button" was closer to her waist than to her shoulder but Oily seemed to know the territory quite well as he zeroed in on the wrinkled little nipper. He chose to use an unorthodox "underhand approach" to plant to sticker since the puckered little butterbag hadn't been facing the sun in quite a few years... okay quite a few decades.


The entire episode was over in just a few minutes as female bystanders rushed to her aid and grown men averted their gaze...but in the end, both Oily and the Granny seemed well satisfied with the outcome.   


I don't think she even had to use the walker when she left. 


Congratulations to the Old Wise One.

By the way, we were at the Matchbox Bar for it's permanent closing/going out of business/ the building is being torn down celebration. Seems appropriate doesn't it?



"Patch" - The Lone New Hampshire Weasel


OK its Thursday, September 21, a week ago Booze Cruize officially started. Most of us thought this was just a 3 day event. WRONG. Patch is still in Nashville. He was at Weasel Wednesday yesterday unfortunantly he was there at 10AM had a few beers then left in the search of a new bottle of whiskey. He must have found it cause no one saw him last night at the beach. His bike is parked the same place he parked it last Friday. Everybody that comes in the Beach knows Patch. He's a very friendly guy. The only problem I have with him is that he keeps crossing the street. Crossing a busy street drunk and with one eye can't be good.
Patch & Boston Mayor Ray Flynn
(as told by  Patch)

"You guys won't believe this but years ago, in a bar in
Boston mass. Called JJ Foley's I pissed in the pocket
of the mayor of Boston Ray Flynn. We were pissing in
the urinal when he said something to me; I turned to
answer him, ended up pissing in his pocket. We were both
pretty drunk. Ray became famous as the ambassador to
the Vatican."



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