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Weasels local presence concerns cops

- WestfieldMassachusetts law enforcement officials say they are concerned by the increased presence of a notorious Drinking Organization in Western Massachusetts. Massachusetts State Police Major Tom Thumb raised concerns earlier this month over recent events involving members of the Massachusetts Weasels. Thumb was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding a bill to decrease penalties for possession of small amounts of marijuana when he mentioned the group.

Sen. Dick Weed, D-Holyoke, chairman of the committee, said he was surprised to hear Thumb and Mass State Police Col. Johnny W. Red mention the organization’s recent presence in Western MA.

The Weasels USA, founded in 1994 or 3, is a worldwide organization sometimes called Weasels International with members typically riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Members claim they are a law-abiding group, but federal, state and local law enforcement agencies say the organization routinely engages in tom foolery, shenanigans, defacing property with orange stickers, public drunkenness and nudity.

"There's a certain level of nonsense that comes with the organization and there's a certain amount of concern with law enforcement."  "Weaseldom is the dead, black, backwater of biking" Thumb said in a recent interview. “They are a bunch of socially misfits”

Thumb said police are worried that "a high-grade" concoction called “Apple Pie” allegedly made and consumed by the Weasels would increasingly be found in New England if other active chapters were to spring up in the area. "We're concerned since we have proof that there are lone Weasels in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Federal authorities stated that they believe there will be a new Connecticut Weasels Chapter after the annual gathering of Weasels in Myrtle Beach, SC in May.

Lt. Jose Cuervo, commander of the Massachusetts State Police barracks in Russell, said local law enforcement officials are aware of several "legitimate fund-raisers" that Weasel members participated in.

"Last year, over the summer and the fall there were a couple of fund-raisers that were held that they were affiliated with in the towns of Westfield, Easthampton and Holyoke," he said.

Cuervo said police are "just kind of monitoring the situation" and paying close attention, hoping to discourage the organization from having an active membership in Central MA.

"We are monitoring activity. We are aware of some public events that took place last fall and last summer. They were selling Weasels support T-shirts and stickering nipples or something to that effect, in downtown Springfield," Cuervo said.

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